Here’s why good photography can boost your marketing campaign

The phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ rings true in most cases – particularly when it comes to selling your property.

While there are many factors contributing towards achieving a successful marketing campaign, professional photos are one of the first things a prospective buyer will see on your property listing and are therefore hugely valuable.

This is even more so the case as the pandemic and string of lockdowns have seen online traffic soar on property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla. Many potential buyers are making big judgements on properties solely based on online listings.

With this in mind, here at Expose Property, we explain the importance of good-quality photos when marketing your property.

Why are good property photos important? 

As a seller, marketing your property correctly is imperative to your chances of selling. With the majority of potential buyers starting their search online, your photographs will need to be high-quality and show off your home’s main attributes.

If your photos aren’t up to scratch, house hunters may look for a similar property with more appealing images. However, your estate agent will be well aware of the importance of good photography and should point you in the right direction.

Common property photography mistakes 

Taking good pictures may sound simple, but there are multiple factors that can affect the quality of an image.

In fact, it can be fairly easy to spot photo blunders on property listings. These can include the wrong lighting, a cluttered room, irrelevant focus on items in the home, poor quality, blurring, bad angles, reflections, and minimal photo editing.

These can all be avoided, though. With some planning, time and technique, your property listing can flourish with appealing professional photographs.

How to take professional photos 

In order to take ideal photos that will attract buyers, you will need to consider the following:

Use the right equipment – this doesn’t necessarily mean buying the latest gadgets, but having a decent camera, lens and a tripod can be a good place to start, as opposed to a smartphone.

Set the scene – everything must be carefully staged in the home. This means removing clutter and personal trinkets, straightening furniture, opening blinds/curtains and switching off the lights.

Snap relevant pictures – every photo should tell a story, so try to cut out irrelevant details in the home that prospective buyers won’t focus on. Instead, show off nice fixtures for the interior and get a higher elevation of the front of the property for the exterior.

Edit your photos – post-production will play an important role in making your photos pop even more. This can involve anything from image enhancement and item removal to virtual staging (if necessary).

Preparing your home for photos 

To take good-quality photos, your home will need to be up to standard. Start from the front of your property, ensuring your front door is fresh and your driveway is clean. Consider mowing the lawn and wiping down windows, too.

Inside, you will need to declutter and depersonalise your home, rearrange furniture where necessary and give each room a deep clean. You also want to make sure that the key selling points of your home (kitchen, bathroom and garden) are in top condition.

The above tips are a good starting point and can help you to take professional photos, but of course, an established and knowledgeable agent like Expose Property can provide further advice and even organise professional photography and 360 degree video tours, ensuring that you get the best out of your marketing campaign.

Here at Expose Property, we use our experience of listing homes in Beckenham, Penge, Crystal Palace and other places in South East London to assist you on your property selling journey.

We also offer a free and instant online valuation tool to give you an estimate on how much your home could be worth on the current market.

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